My fitness background started with a love of all sports and football led the way playing for Sheffield United as a youngster. Then a different love took hold, as a professional surfer and eventually surf coaching. Now after 30 yrs of being carved from the beach, ocean and natural elements I believe living a healthy lifestyle begins with maintaining a strong, fit body and mind.

After becoming a personal trainer 11yrs ago and my background of sports

my aim is to help you identify your fitness goals, design an exercise program that fits your needs and guide you through every exercise, every workout. My holistic approach to fitness and health will have you feeling great and seeing results in no time.

Carlo Fusie-Ferrero

RISE Fitness & Training UK

Level 3 Reps PT

Level 3 ISA Pro Surf Coach

NARS Beach lifeguard

Advanced Medic


Upcoming Events

  • Sri Lanka Surf & Fitness Retreat
    Time is TBD
    Dikwella, The Jungalows, Helbodagewatta Lunukalapuwa, Kottegoda, Dikwella, Sri Lanka
    Sri Lanka is the perfect place to improve all aspects of your surfing, fitness and life, in any order of importance. Risefits new fully equipped fucntional training centre situated in the grounds of the stunning Jungalows accomodation.
  • Online KB class
    Mon 7:00pm - Friday 6pm
    Online, virtual kettlebell class
    Mon 7:00pm - Friday 6pm
    Online, virtual kettlebell class
    Personal Training, Group Fitness, Hiit Classes
  • Online H.I.R.T. class
    Weds 6:00pm
    Weds 6:00pm
    High Intensity Resistance Training



Louisa K

Training with Carlo is, in a word, explosive. I approached Carlo at the start of this year when my fitness had reached an all time low. Not only was I majorly unfit and empty of motivation, but an old knee injury had flared up due to inactivity and was stopping me from being able to do basic activities, like walking and jogging. After looking at a number of different PTs here in Dubai, I went with Carlo as I had done a few group sessions with him in the past and liked his approach in terms of being fun but firm, and creative with exercises and games – additionally, I really wanted to do the sessions outside rather than in a gym and Carlo was happy to accommodate that. Now, six months later, I am so much stronger, have way better stamina and can see (and feel) the difference in my body and fitness levels. My knee is immensely stronger and can withstand everything from trail-running to netball (both notoriously hard on the knees). Most importantly, the sessions are not a chore, or a drag – I am always looking forward to the next session and, after years of struggling to motivate myself to exercise, this is something you can't put a price on for me. Carlo is consistently cheerful, upbeat and down-to-earth, which makes a refreshing change from your standard bland, cold, mean, disinterested PT. He is encouraging, but expects full commitment and effort, and will push you to your physical limits. I can honestly say that I finish each session totally shocked at how much he has managed to squeeze into an enjoyable 60 minutes. I can’t recommend him enough. If you want to see results while also enjoying your workouts and feeling like you are learning along the way, Carlo is the PT for you. Thank you, Carlo!